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Getting Compliant

When you hire drivers, your company becomes the motor carrier, requiring you to abide by the Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations. dotPC will guide you through the process of getting compliant. 

Staying Compliant

We provide trained dotPC Assistants or can work alongside your DOT Admin to ensure your production is prepared for an FMCSA audit.  Our goal is to help you stay compliant.


“Combining fast-paced commercial production with difficult, complex and confusing DOT compliance can seemingly be impossible. dotPC streamlines the entire process from prep to wrap and everything in between. Leigh and her team do a wonderful job problem solving issues that arise during each job while always keeping our best interests a priority.”​

“Leigh and the team at dotPC have been a pleasure to work with! Not only do they know all the rules and regulations applicable to our productions, but they also guide us in understanding them. dotPC makes the process of transportation compliance easy and straightforward when it could be wildly overwhelming. Even on our high-budget features, dotPC communicated effectively with our Transportation Captains and DOT Admins and managed high volumes of drivers while providing transparency to the studio. We are lucky to have a great partnership going!”

“Thanks for getting us through the DOT audit so painlessly! “​​

“We love working with dotPC. They are extremely organized, knowledgeable, and professional DOT consultants. They are dedicated and dependable with extensive industry experience. dotPC always assists our department to make sure we have a successful prep, shoot and wrap. As a DOT Administrator, I always look forward to working with them, and I always feel supported.”

DOT Administrator (Megalopolis & Ghosted)

“The dotPC team make the DOT process so simple. They are always quick to respond, and everything is always handled smoothly and quickly for Psyop.”

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